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Bases aéreas y Polígonos de Tiro POH 0.8.0 (Screenshots)

Joe Labrada

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FUCK..... it is a BRU-TA-LI-TY...... I'm falling in love with Son Sant Joan and Faro.... I can't believe it.... :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold:


THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS GUYYYYYYYYYYS!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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¿¿Se puede descargar, o está en proyecto?? Es que no veo link por ningún lado. Es espectacular, y las de Morón y Rota que son las que conozco son clavadas!! :goodjob:  :goodjob:  Todo está en su sitio. Literalmente... estoy flipando!!  :phew:  :phew:​ 


Estoy mirando aquí, pero no veo enlaces de descarga: http://www.bmsforum.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?65-Spain :cool:

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En proyecto todavía Mistral... ten paciencia ;) ahí unas betas y tal, pero sólo para betatesters. Dentro de poquito creo que podremos tener una versión intermedia para hacer tests masivos (en otras palabras, para currarnos unas juergas de la hostia ;) )

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Ok Gracias!, ya me lo imaginaba. De todas formas en Falcon estoy pegado no, lo siguiente; así que en el momento que pueda iré también poniéndome al día :cool:, que yo de hostias estoy para que me las den todas a mi. Intentaré llevarlo junto al A-10C.

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Would you mind if we make the following changes in some portuguese airbases (changing some stock korean airbases with others with closer-to-real life headings)?:


* AVEIRO - changing to 16/34

* BRAGANÁ‡A - changing to 02/20

* COIMBRA - changing to 16/34

* PORTO - changing to 16/34

* VILA REAL - changing to 02/20

* VISEU - changing to 18/36

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Viper... When Joe answer you, could I ask you a favour?


Would you update (sure you will) the TE_NEW file, and create a TAC for me with every Sqadron and unit you will like to have on POH?


I think I did in the past following your instructions, but I have hammered the Cam file so many times, that I´m not able to follow my own steps.


It will be much more easy for me to just see and copy.


Take in count that normally I modified the Sqns to have only 8, 10 or 12 planes. For example, instead of having the 12th Wing in torrejon with one huge Sqn, I have the 121 and 122 Sqns with just a few planes... It also changes from human or AI controlled, in order to have planes, but not a flock of planes up in the sky.


Just put on the TAC the Helos, Transport and Fighter Squadrons with their names, and pass it to me along with the new TE_new


I will appreciate this A LOT!!! 

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Sure thing, my friend!


Although I have no idea how to input the number of aircraft on each squadron. When I do it, every squadron seems to have 18 aircraft (IIRC). BTW, I use Mission Commander for it, is there any other way to do it?


One more thing, wouldn't it be easier to work on your files? If you'd send me your .TAC / .CAM files, I could do it and also input all of the changes we made with new airbases and so on...


It's your call, just tell me which you prefer ;)

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Ohhh dear.   I oversaw this post!... both waiting... My bad!


Just a simpleTAC based on the actual TE_NEW (I actually asked for it wrongly,,, The TE_NEW does not have Units or Sqns, so you don´t have to edit TE_NEW for this)


So yes, a simple Tactical Engagement, with the type of planes (Sqns) located were you want them. You can do it directly from inside BMS TE editor.


Disregard the default number of planes, they will change.


Also this will be a reference. I may not keep all planes on their place... and I can assure you, that once Portugal Joins the Fight (either because it is under attack, or because you Join Spain/Coalition), Units will happily re-deploy to other bases. (not all of them... but some of them... I will have to see the behaviour to decide about it).


Keep it up!!

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Hi my friend!


Sorry for the delay, here it is (closest thing to real we could come up with): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5u72sfte3vzyreq/te_new%20-%20PT%20Squadrons.tac?dl=0



-201st VFS "FalcÁµes": F-16AM-DK

-301st "Jaguares": F-16AM-NL



-101st "Roncos": MB339

-802nd "Águias": OV-10A



-501st "Bisontes": C-130H

-502nd "Elefantes": An-24

-504th "Linces": An-72

-751st "Pumas": CH-53



-103rd "Caracóis": Jaguar

-552nd "ZangÁµes": Mi-8

-601st "Lobos": RC-135W


Also, our squadron patches already tailored to include in patches.idx: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f13vhu723z2robl/patches.idx.7z?dl=0




If there's anything else you need, just ring the bell ;)

Edited by Viperdude
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