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  1. Hi 3Bals, Yes, understand perfectly your idea, and believe me. Big considerations have been taken into account while deciding on removing those 6 airfields. Final thoughts were; POH has originally 139 airfields, so 6 out will not mean big degrading in any military actions or campaign, besides that, all these 6 airfiles are located very far from any war scenario (gibraltar entrance and north africa coast), I mean at least 400NM from that possible war front. That's why opted by eliminating them... As one side note, Have done some minor revision to item 6) as it was not very clear. Also this item is about something that was greatly developed for the new BMS 4.34 version. The good news here are, now we can use both Tacan bands (X and Y) for ground stations... so, this means alot more TCN channels (252, before 126) can be implemented, and that means less fake channels are needed to be used... wohaaaa...
  2. Gentlmen, Have reviewed whole first post. Now theres a full but summarized description of what I wanted to implement in POH_201VFS. Anyway, added this line to that post; "As you will notice, if read the whole texting , all changing proposals will only benefit POH official version, so I still keep this dream of seeing them reflected in one future version of POH. Need also to say that this would be the perfect time to invest some efforts about "my dream" . Whole theater is about to be revised and re-adapted to the new BMS version, so why not take this chance to throw the cards to the table again and check my future." Cheers.
  3. Thanks Sniper for your support. In fact we are already testing one beta release for the 4.33... Can share with you if you want. Was about to publish here after beta-testing but now will have to collaborate in the adaptations to 4.34... and only after that will be released the next version. Or if by a miracle chance it all will be integrated in official POH...
  4. Hey all, This new BMS version adaptations could mean an opportunity to see implemented some of my proposals implemented... They mean alot of corrections that would benefit whole POH project. What you guys say about it? Should I keep stickied to the POH_201VFS own version... or can we manage to take this opportunity and seat over table to check my propodals to integrate in official POH version and then no need for my POH version (201VFS own version). Cheers.
  5. Copy Kafete, thanks for your input. That frequency will conflict with Gran Canaria, in POH. Has been any change in Gran Canaria freq? In falcon cannot co-exist 2 instances of same freq for TWR comms
  6. Hey Spark, thanks for your input. Will not consider it as an airbase, that way. Got in doubts, because, latest google earth images show some cargo airplanes parked on the south side. Maybe theres a big maintenance facilities there or something like that... thou. Thank you mate.
  7. Sevilla airport seems to me that also have a military area. Am not talking about Moron although... So will consider it also as an airbase. Do you guys agree ?
  8. Thank you MrWell for your input. Your information seem to match my sources... About Melilla, yes, it was considered an airbase somewhere, but I had my doubts. In anycase, considered it to be in higher position for 201VFS POH version. Valencia and Reus... same. I think they are not active anymore, but they are also good points for navigation and thats why I kept them considered as airbases. All airbases in POH_201VFS, will have priority regarding Airbase type (cannot be airstripes), Tacan Channels and Comms Freqs. Cheers, and Merry Christmas.
  9. Didn't say above but if anyone have a word about above list please feel free to comment confirming or telling if am wrong or missing any airbase in above list. Am sure there must to be here who knows which are currently the Spanish airbases
  10. So, by the information gathered so far... final list is; ...- This is a cross information from wikipedia and [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] (offical website??) All comments are welcome so we can have a good understanding of what should be considered as an airbase or not in POH. Albacete Alcantarilla Armilla Burgos - not in POH, not in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing Cuatro Vientos Getafe - new entry Gran Canaria (Gando) - not an airbase??, it is in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing La Palma - not in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing Lanzarote Leon - not in POH Logorno - not in POH, not in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing Malaga Mellila - new entry, not in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing Moron Murcia (San Javier) Palma de Mallorca (Son San Joan) Pollensa- not in POH Reus - Inactive, but considered as an airbase for POH, not in [http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es] listing Rota (Not air force, but military anyway) Salamanca Santiago Talavera Torrejon Valencia- Inactive, but considered as an airbase for POH Valladolid (Villanubla) Zaragoza
  11. Hey Spark, Found first and usefull info here; http://www.ejercitodelaire.mde.es/EA/ejercitodelaire/en/Organization/Unit-Maps/ It seems same source as you posted. About wikipedia... not sure all is true and up to date.. Thanks anyway. Cheers.
  12. Hey all, It seems am still confused about wich POH airfields are IRL military airfields.. So, need your help, to make it clear if possible. And thanks in advance. Here my list of Spain Military Airbases existing in POH. Please, comment this thread if am wrong about some one, or missing anyone. (I know some share military areas within general public airports, just like in Portugal, in this case we take it as Military Airbase for the theater) Albacete Armilla Alcantarilla Cuatro Vientos Gran Canaria La Palma Lanzarote Malaga Moron Murcia Palma de Mallorca Rota Reus Salamanca Santiago Talavera Torrejon Valladolid Zaragoza Thanks again, Cheers.
  13. Forgot to mention, but in first post there is a new item (#1.3) A few airbases are very close to theater borders and will be removed in our version. France; ...- MONT MARSAN ...- ALBI LE SEQUESTRE ...- MILLAU LARZAC ...- ISTRES LE TUBE Spain; ...- MENORCA Algerie; ...- EL GOLEA Here some images:
  14. Little review in first post. Work is going well and I think it will be ready for realease (internally) in 3/4 weeks,
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