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  1. Amigo 3Balls!!!! Tenemos que preparar POH para 4.35 no?? Gran noticia
  2. Hi guys Decimal Here from 201st VFS Any of you have any 3D models (3ds max, step file, or IGS) for the Alpha Jet? Any cockpit or external model would be appreciated. Im working on a new model and cockpit for or beloved POH for BMS. Many thanks and see you in the air
  3. Hello to you all First of all this video was made in a request from the IRL crew of the NATO SATCOM F12 ground station in Portugal for public exposure of the POH theater and BMS in general. This was my first real attempt with a professional video editor software sorry in advance for any error A great salute to you all who made this possible i am real proud Hope you enjoy
  4. Buenas noches compañeros Al cabo de interregno de meses he conseguí sacar el polvo al hotas. POH con .cam modificado en MC y Viper instalado de Janhas POAF y las pieles de MFD modificadas Las fotos hablan por sí solas
  5. Vuelo muy agradable Spartan, Tom y Decimal Campana con A/A Refuel. 5*
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