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  1. Hi KaFeTe, Thanks for the feedback, but it's already fixed . I've followed a friend's request from the EdAV and it's been recently changed . The AI will only use runway 23L-05R from now on. I'm already using internally an update that has that fixed, including new photorealistic buildings for LEAB, LELC and LEZG. The problem is that I would like to reach Joe Labrada (the project leader) and see with him if we could prepare and update for POH 0.8.0 but I haven't heard from him for tha past months... If you like, I can prepare an unnoficial update and post the download link here, at least you can use it if you want. Cheers
  2. Well... Pictures! Lots of them If you could get pictures from the buildings, we could do them photo realistic.
  3. Oh my... We're travelling back in time to 2015...
  4. Hehe, I really appreciate your vote of confidence, my friend! But by no means I have the leadership capabilities that Joe has demonstrated over the years to coordinate such a massive project as this one, nor I for one second ever thought of taking over someone's lifetime dream. My only plan right now is to assure you guys from 111 that, between RL with a lovely, caring and not-so-BMS-flexible-and-understanding wife, two little kids, a shitty and stressful civil engineering job and sometimes a little spare time, whenever you guys need some assistance to move forward with this pearl that Joe has given us, I'll find enough time and energy to try to keep up with you. There's so much that we can still expect from POH...even if it takes another 20 years of Falcon Cheers! PS: tell us when your baby boy comes home so we can open a bottle of champagne and celebrate the new arrival
  5. 👠Rgr that. But it would be good if we were able to coordinate things from time to time, at least. There are still so many things on hold that could be advancing in time, that it's a pitty to see everything frozen by now. But RL always comes first, so I guess it's just a matter of waiting 2-3 weeks to kick back in, right? 😠Cheers, my friend. Wish you guys the best
  6. Hello my friends! Sorry in advance to raise the question, but I've just been somewhat informed that E111 is planning on abandoning POH development, and since we in 201VFS didn't hear anything related to the subject, could anyone shed some light on this? Joe, Blackwolf, Tom, 3Balls, Spartan, Revi...what are your perspectives for the future? Thx for your thoughts guys, not pressing or anything like that, I would just like to know where we will stand for the next 3-4 weeks Cheers PS: please don't tell me you're moving to DCS... Please please pleeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!
  7. Viperdude

    Back on duty

    Congratulations, my friend!! Outstanding news, I'm really happy for you now that you're expecting a new little pilot I wish you the best, and know that we'll be here for the next chapter whenever you guys are ready once more. Cheers!
  8. My friend Joe, my I ask when are you planning on going Public with POH 0.8.0? Just so I can figure out what are our next moves: betatesting before next development phases, etc, etc... Cheers
  9. Our next version( still WIP):
  10. Hehehe... Besides, soon we will have a 100% photorealistic (more or less) buildings for Los Lanos.
  11. Que bonitoooo!!! Muchas gracias, compañero!!
  12. Hi my friend! Sorry for the delay, here it is (closest thing to real we could come up with): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5u72sfte3vzyreq/te_new%20-%20PT%20Squadrons.tac?dl=0 MONTE REAL: -201st VFS "FalcÁµes": F-16AM-DK -301st "Jaguares": F-16AM-NL SINTRA: -101st "Roncos": MB339 -802nd "Águias": OV-10A MONTIJO: -501st "Bisontes": C-130H -502nd "Elefantes": An-24 -504th "Linces": An-72 -751st "Pumas": CH-53 BEJA: -103rd "Caracóis": Jaguar -552nd "ZangÁµes": Mi-8 -601st "Lobos": RC-135W Also, our squadron patches already tailored to include in patches.idx: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f13vhu723z2robl/patches.idx.7z?dl=0 If there's anything else you need, just ring the bell
  13. Sure thing, my friend! Although I have no idea how to input the number of aircraft on each squadron. When I do it, every squadron seems to have 18 aircraft (IIRC). BTW, I use Mission Commander for it, is there any other way to do it? One more thing, wouldn't it be easier to work on your files? If you'd send me your .TAC / .CAM files, I could do it and also input all of the changes we made with new airbases and so on... It's your call, just tell me which you prefer
  14. Joe, Would you mind if we make the following changes in some portuguese airbases (changing some stock korean airbases with others with closer-to-real life headings)?: * AVEIRO - changing to 16/34 * BRAGANÁ‡A - changing to 02/20 * COIMBRA - changing to 16/34 * PORTO - changing to 16/34 * VILA REAL - changing to 02/20 * VISEU - changing to 18/36
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