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POH development status

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#1 Viperdude

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Escrito 22 October 2018 - 01:36 PM

Hello my friends!
Sorry in advance to raise the question, but I've just been somewhat informed that E111 is planning on abandoning POH development, and since we in 201VFS didn't hear anything related to the subject, could anyone shed some light on this?

Joe, Blackwolf, Tom, 3Balls, Spartan, Revi...what are your perspectives for the future?

Thx for your thoughts guys, not pressing or anything like that, I would just like to know where we will stand for the next 3-4 weeks ;)


PS: please don't tell me you're moving to DCS... Please please pleeeeeeeaaaaaase!!! :D

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#2 3Balls


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Escrito 22 October 2018 - 07:53 PM

Wow!!! That´s unexpected.


We have been talking about a temporal hold on POH, but I don´t remember anyone to mention the word "abandon" at all.


As stated I think in another post, Joe will be off-bussiness for a little while, but he plan to come back... posibly not for further and deeper changes on POH, but to keep with the coordination, and to build the releasble builts (the installation of newer versions).


From my side, I´m still on hold on the Camp development.... and the near future, waiting for child, I expect to stay on hold for a little longer... But, all the already done development, and the Tools I created ...everything... It´s something I will have to finish for sure. Really, I have so much to show on Camp development, I really can´t stand holding it for my self!!!! But it´s POH or nothing.

(actually, I´m passsing some small tricks & Tips to Spartan from time to time, lately IOT help with the development of the Blind Weasel 18 Campaign we will be using in 2 weeks... but just small things here and there... POH Camp will be something BIG...if I survive long enough!)


Looking back to the F4Spain original project... what do you think?... It is surely slow pace, but never abandon.


New BMS updates will come, and at least we will have to adapt POH to them... to say the least.


Unofficial Camps and TEs shows up...and that´s great for POH. And people has to enjoy it!


Meanwhile, we all keep working in the shadow... small but sure steps ahead. And 3 to 4 weeks will come, sooner or later.



DCS?...  :lolu:   No way!!

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#3 Viperdude

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Escrito 23 October 2018 - 04:37 PM

👍 Rgr that.

But it would be good if we were able to coordinate things from time to time, at least.

There are still so many things on hold that could be advancing in time, that it's a pitty to see everything frozen by now.

But RL always comes first, so I guess it's just a matter of waiting 2-3 weeks to kick back in, right? 😁

Cheers, my friend. Wish you guys the best

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#4 3Balls


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Escrito 26 October 2018 - 09:39 PM

Take the lead my friend.


I think it will be the right thing to share whatever plan you have in mind to keep advancing with Joe. He may not be able to help us now, but he can give us at least his "bendition"!!!


Go Viperdude!!! Goooo!!!!

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#5 Viperdude

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Escrito 27 October 2018 - 02:05 PM

Hehe, I really appreciate your vote of confidence, my friend!


But by no means I have the leadership capabilities that Joe has demonstrated over the years to coordinate such a massive project as this one, nor I for one second ever thought of taking over someone's lifetime dream.


My only plan right now is to assure you guys from 111 that, between RL with a lovely, caring and not-so-BMS-flexible-and-understanding wife, two little kids, a shitty and stressful civil engineering job and sometimes a little spare time, whenever you guys need some assistance to move forward with this pearl that Joe has given us, I'll find enough time and energy to try to keep up with you.


There's so much that we can still expect from POH...even if it takes another 20 years of Falcon ;)




PS: tell us when your baby boy comes home so we can open a bottle of champagne and celebrate the new arrival :D

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#6 flyway


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Escrito 01 November 2018 - 08:43 PM

Hey guys,
Two years ago, RL issues made me do a complete halt about availability for falcon and POH following. But never forgot the project and the team here and in 201VFS. By that time have helped and commented alot for the best and realism out of POH project. Many things about the project were also put in the drawer waiting better and available times. Guess its time now to get back into work. As you may know, have disagree about many development details introduced in official version and because of that had the idea of development of a patch over POH, non-official and in the name of 201VFS. Will post here what we think it will benefit POH in realism seeking. A few of these changes, were to be implemented in a future POH version, others colide directly to Nikos work and i know that cannot be official under Joe's agreement. Anyway, this patch project will be detailed in our forums and generally posted here. This way maybe one day, my dream can also see the light and have POH much more realistic than now. Maybe the new BMS version will also push it towards the desired realism... :D

Cheers yall.
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