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The_Fragger: BO-105 PAH1A

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#61 Leo

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Escrito 24 December 2018 - 06:39 PM

"Nuevo" vídeo del BO105 del que apenas teníamos noticias desde hace un año. Lleva casi un año en traspaso a otra 3rd party y seguimos sin más noticias que esas... 


Trailer de octubre 2017



Nuevo vídeo de esta semana (grabado hace bastante según The Fragger)


Dear Simmers,

Christmas is waiting and I know that it's another pretty hard wait for the BO-105. But we gonna advance smile.gif
In the moment I'm bringing the 105 to the standard quality level of the 3rd Party to reflect the overall look as close as possible.

Dispite of that and of cause it's christmas - I want to give you a Ramp Start Video of the 105 done by Roie Gat. It was recorded about 1 1/2 Year ago.

With that said. I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new Year. May 2019 be the year of the 105. Thanks all for you patience.

lovely regards

Olli (The Fragger)

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#62 Silver_Dragon

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Escrito 26 December 2018 - 11:29 AM

La ultima noticia la puso Nineline en un post hace unos días, en respuesta a porque no se veían helicópteros en el ultimo video de ED, confirmando el desarrollo activo del Bo-105 y otros dos helicópteros.



The Ka-50 is getting reworked, I believe the cockpit is ongoing as we speak. When I update my dev build, I see many times the Hind getting updates, so active development there. MilTech is working on the Bo-105 right now. As for the video, it was also shy on A-10C footage, but trailers can only be so long before they turn into short films, helo guys are not forgotten. All aspects of the sim have a bright future.


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