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Escrito 06 June 2013 - 04:21 PM

Bien, algo que hacía tiempo quería hacer, y tras un update de uno de los teatros que acaba de salir hace unos días en BMS, me decido a hacerlo AHORA. Para empezar, decir que tengo bastantes, con sus instrucciones, pero como no podemos, de momento, subirlos por ahí de forma "estable", pues aprovecho los links "originales" a ver qué tal... También decir que cada uno de los teatros irá acompañado de sus instrucciones si fueran menester.


* Versión del teatro: Panama Theater Beta 2.0A for BMS-4.
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...-2-0A-for-BMS-4
* Link de descarga:
* Instrucciones de Instalación:


Installation instructions:

Extract all RAR files into a folder named "Add-On Panama" (without the quotes). Cut and paste this folder (Add-On Panama) with all the subfolders and files into you main BMS install folder C:\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data. If done correctly, the file installation will look like this: ...\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Add-On Panama.

Using notepad, open the "theater.lst" file in the following folder ...\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Terrdata\theaterdefinition. After the last entry add the

Add-On Panama\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\Panama - Redux.tdf
Add-On Panama\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\Panama.tdf

Save and edit. Open BMS and enter the theatre selection screen. In the theatre selection screen you will see two Panama theatres:

Panama 2011 - The orginal Panama campaigns produced by Mac and converted to BMS by Toonces

Panama Redux - My compilation of Toonces Heavy Metal campaign along with two modified orginals. In all three campaigns, naval aircraft have been relocated to the USS Truman, sailing Northwest of Canal zone in Panamanian waters.

Select desired theatre version and restart BMS.

Known Issues:
Aircraft have spawning issues at airbases. Campaigns are not winnable. Some aircraft on carriers have OFM. Catapult takeoffs don't work exactly as explained the BMS manual

Version History

v2.0 beta:
Malc's FF Theatre converted to BMS by Toonces.

v2.0a beta:
UI artwork by Obi1.
Campaign map by Falcas
NavAids and their list as also approach plates by Nikos "neystratiou".
Heavy Metal campaign by Toonces.
Relocation of carrier aircraft to USS Truman by dlckddnjs9
Compiled new Heavy metal campaign into other modified campaigns into subsection call Panama Redux. New Redux selection screen by Chuckles.

* Actualización del teatro: 2.01a SP1
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...0a-SP1-download
* Link de descarga:
* Instrucciones de Instalación:


* Install this over the top of a Panama v2.0a install, overwriting files as required...
* Edit: Ok, for my install to get the redux campaigns to show I had to edit my add-on Panama\terrdata\theaterdefinition\panama - redux.tdf file to read:
campaigndir Add-On Panama\Campaign\Panama - redux\campaign [Nota de Tom: abrid dicho archivo con el Bloc de Notas y cambiand la línea 12, que veréis, que aunque parecida, no es igual a lo que hay arriba. También os recomiendo, ya que abrís ese archivo y modificáis esa línea, que la tercera, que pone: name Panama 2011 ,la cambieis por: name Panama 2011 - REDUX].
* The campaigns - basically all I did with them is remove/replace all the objectives data with the new stuff, so they (should be) the same as what was distributed in 2.0a.


* Versión del teatro: v3.7 Update 06.03.2013.
* Enlace al post original:
* Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire...BMS4_-_Korea_80 (descargar las tres partes del directorio raíz).
* Instrucciones de Instalación:



If you have installed previous release of MOD, simply overwrite the existing directories of the MOD, the structure of the MOD is same as the previously released version.

Extract the dowloaded files. They are packed with rar, some user have issues with 7zip format.
Make a backup about \data\sim and \data\sim\ckpart and \ckpartn directories.
Copy the extracted directories into \data.
Add the following line to theater.lst, you can find in \data\terrdata\theaterdefinitions. You can you Notepad or Wordpad.


If you wish to play with default theaters you have to use your backup directories, Korea '80s works only with different dat files in \sim directory because of database changes. This is also true for cockpit files, because F-14s and F-16C Block 40/42 have new cockpits.

I recommend to use a tracer MOD.

List of main features

Modeling of '80s environment, no AIM-120 in campaigns.
Huga ammoint of rack and HP tweaks on both sides for many aircraft.
Hardpoint tweaks, limiting the squadrons stores for more balanced campaigns.
Different sensor modeling values for many weapon systems.
Modeling AIM-9L and AIM-9M with different sensor modeling values.
Tweaked engagement range for many SAM systems and air to air missiles, engagement ranges are more real.
F-5E FM is replaced by FreeFalcon's FM - credit goes to its creator - now it has better perfomance. The original FM made very weak the F-5.
Tweaked battalion rosters on both sides. Reworked unit list in TE editor, many new battalions are available with more logic and reasonable battalion rosters. All SAMs are available on both sides at leat in one battalion. It is possible to creat better TEs.
Strongly changed role scores and targets for red sides and blue side either. A-10s fly now only CAS/BAI/Interdiction sorties, on red side old jets fly SEAD missions, etc.
Changed OOB concerning not only squdarons, ground units, combat and SAMs either. So far only in Rolling Fire campaign have been tweaked, it date is 1991.
Campaigns are semi fictional, you can find in minor qty. weapons - MiG-21bis, SA-4, SA-6 - that never or later was available for DPRK.
MiG-23MLs have dispensers for gamebalance even they in RL did not have or only marginal of the global MiG-23ML fleet.
Introducing the MiG-23MLD. It has the same radar as MiG-29, it can use R-73 without HMS, it is far more dangerous than ML variant.
Corrected specific fuel consupmtion for MiG-21s and MiG-23s, the original consumption was very low comparing with RL.
Three different MiG-21 variants - bis, MF, PF/PFM - now have different thrust. The thrust characteristics are based on real life data, on R-25-300 engine. Thrust is scaled down for MF and PF by using the thrust multiplier.
Rail and drop launch methods are modeled for AIM-7 and AIM-120 depending on HP position on F-14/F-15/F-16/F-18/F-22, some air to ground missiles also got the drop launch method.
ZSU-23-4 is much accurate as was representing the different effectivness of radar guided AAA. (It was doable only by set higher bullet speed than in RL.)
New, separated UI.
Updated chaff / flare qty. and dispenser locations for dozens of AC, especially on red side but some blue AC also got new release vectors and more balanced and real decoy qty.
Restricted squadron stores for more functional campaigns.
For main AG missiles - at least which are used in campaigns, AGM-65B/D/G, AGM-45/78/88, AS-10/11/12/14/17 and some European stuff - inaccuracy is set as I did in MolnyFalcon. AG missiles now do not have 100% kill ratio anymore even if you use them in a prefect launch position. This is especially true if you use them against armored targets. Different generations of AG missiles represents different capabilites. For ex. an F-16C with 4 x AGM-65 is much more potent than an F-4E with 4 x AGM-65 B
Ships are not grouped anymore in battalions. One ‘group’ means only a single ship. You can create big fleets by placing individual ships, but SAM protection is much harder. Every ship can attack a target independently.
Fixed engine flame position for dozens of missiles.
All MANPAD and SHORAD platforms are now functional but they have a small graphical bug.
IR SHORADs do not have radar which modeled their short range search radars. This made them vulnarable to anti radar missiles - which are not in RL - therefore I deleted them, now they can operate silently.
Damage of guns changed, because of exe changs the damage of guns was seriously over modeled.
The quantity of small machine guns are reduced for ground units because their accuracy and damage are over modeled. This change also help to create functional ground war in 3D world.
Reworked squadron sizes according to demand of campaigns.
And many other not listed.

For Navy Squadrons. For F-14 never select takeoff option, it does not, catapult never release the Tomcat, use taxi option instead and position yourself to the catapult. If you fly F/A-18 from deck you can use takeoff option, catapult is functional. (This is not MOD related issue, core BMS4 also has it.)


New UI - ZELEGEND & Revientor.
3D model integration - 611-Eagle & Molnibalage
3D models & skins - 611-Eagle, Hayab, JanHas, ccc, Tom Catz, Copper, LESCO, VO101Tom, Red1, Loneagle
F-14 WIP cockpit and integration and fixes - mykinge, Ramsey
F-16C Block 40/42 cockpit and integration and fixes - PL_Harpoon, spit, Ramsey
Missile FM of red and some blue AA missiles - OSD, SpbGoro
ZSU-23-4 tweaks - Dee-Jay & Molnibalage
Placing navy squadrons on CV deck in Rolling Fire - Bad Boy
ATO tweak help - Mysticmagic
JP-233 upgrade - WaveyDave
Russian SAM data - Hpasp (leader the creator team of SAM simulator)
Reference, research - Tarr „Ambasa” Gábor, Cifka „Cifu” Miklós, Freeda Krueger, BEARCAT, OSD and many other people

3D trees, AGM-65A/B/D/G, LAU-88, LAU-117, AIM-9P, airbase ground support equipments, red weapon skin pack,SAM skin pack

T-55, T-62, T-80, UB-16-57, UB-32-57, S-5 rocket, D-30 (155 mm artillery. uses the same LOD), R-23R/T missile, S-60, S-12/19, ZPU-2 (shares with ZU-23), Kraz 255T/ F, ZIL-135, FROG-7, MiG-23ML DPRK

F-4D, F-4E, F-4F, F-4G, MiG-23ML USSR / MiG-23MLD

Tom Catz
Mi-24, Mi-8, Su-30M (skin is made by LESCO), Su-24, A-50, Il-76, Il-78, B-1B, C-5, SA-10 launcher, Flap Lid radar, Patriot launcher, AN/ASQ-104, CGN Virgina, DD Arleigh Burke class destroyer, CG Ticonderoga class cruiser, Sovremenny-class destroyer, Kuznetsov carrier

F-14 cockpit

F-4DSK/ESK skins for 611-Eagle's 3D model, Su-30 skins for Tom Catz's 3D model

J-7B and J-7E, Tu-22M3 skin, MiG-29 USSR skin based on Loneagle's skin template, F-15E and F-15C 600 gal drop "tank" skins

MiG-29 DPRK skin

A-6E, EA-6 skins

ccc LOD pack
DDG Olvier Hazard Perry, SA-5 launcher, 5N62 Square Pair radar, quadruple SA-3 launcher, mobile quadruple SA-3 launcher, A-6E, EA-6B


Finalizing the DB of '80s DB, cloning and alterating for '90s campaign.
Tweaking Iron Fortress and Tiger Spirit either.


* Versión del teatro: 1.3
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...=aegean theater
* Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire.../?pjdgiv0w1yhh6 (thanks Arty) | https://rapidshare.c....erted_v1.1.rar (thanks Drakko) | http://www.foinikas....verted v1.1.rar (thanks Cipher)
* HotFix para la versión 1.1 (OJO! SE PUEDE OMITIR EN FAVOR DEL 1.2 DIRECTAMENTE): |
* Información adjunta interesante: Las cartas de navegación de Nikos para este teatro están dentro de los hotfixs.
* Instrucciones de Instalación: No se especifica nada en especial.
* HotFix para la versión 1.2 (OJO! SI ACABAS DE BAJAR EL TEATRO, PUEDES INSTALAR DIRECTAMENTE ESTE SIN PASAR POR EL HOTFIX 1.1. Link original en el que lo explican: http://www.benchmark...t=aegean charts
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...-for-BMS-Status
* Link de descarga del Hotfix 1.2: | (Sin tocar nada seleccionar menú "Archivo" --> "Descargar")


* Enlace al post original:

* Link de descarga del Hotfix 1.3: Thanks Chiper!; Thanks NIL!; Dropbox1; Dropbox2.

* Requisitos: Tener instalado el Teatro del Egeo mínimo en su versión 1.1. Si tienes el hotfix 1.2 y las nuevas "tiles" (texturas), no pasa nada, pero si no lo tienes, no importa que lo pongas, porque este mod ya lo lleva implementado.
* Versión del mod: Update2.
* Enlace al post original: http://www.bmsforum....t=custom modded
* Link de descarga: Link
* Contenido del pack: El último Fix 1.2; Las texturas de Alta Resolución de Tomcatz V2; Nueva campaña con skins nuevos para HAF realizados por "Phoenix", del Escuadrón Virtual 373; 28 misiones tipo "Tactical Engagement" (provenientes de varias fuentes); Nueva UI, y skins nuevos BuAF y SrAF realizados por el 1st VTE Squadron; Luces de cockpit para HAF realizadas por Kouritis.
* Instrucciones de Instalación (entendiéndose desde cero): Instalar el Teatro original del Egeo v1.1; Descomprimir el paquete "Aegean Wars" y sobreescribir el directorio "Add-on Aegean".



This pack contains:
- Latest Fix 1.2
- Tomcatz HighRes Tiles V2
- New campaign and HAF skins by 373 Virtual Squadron "Phoenix"
- 28 tactical engagement mission (by varius sources, sry can't remember them all)
- New UI, BuAF and SrAF skins by 1st VTE
- HAF cockpit lights by Kouritis

Install instructions:

- First install original Aegan Theater v1.1 ( http://www.benchmark....-DOWNLOAD-AREA)
- Then unpack the "Aegan Wars" archive and overwrite the "Add-on Aegan" folder
- in order to play the new campaign one have to choose airbase and squadron, then go to "Order of Battle" menu find the selected airbase, then right clicking on his squadron and choose "Status". In the lower left corner of the menu select - "Set by HQ" and you are good to go with the campaign.
*Update - 29.06.2014*

- Fixed minor errors with skins and UI
- Added correct "stations+ils.dat" file from neystratiou's 1.2 fix
- New Save0.tri by Cloud9 (Big Thanks!) which stops the campaign crashes*Update - 25.05.2015*

- Bandirma and Balikesir ABs are leveled and positioned properly. TuAF air forces are not stuck on the ground anymore.
- All squadrons are set by HQ now.
- Fixed coalitions color, Greece is blue and Turkey is red.
- Added HAF F-4s, F-16 CFT and TuAF F-5s squadrons in the campaign, with unrealisic order of battle, optimized for better campaign experience and balanced air war.
- Special thanks to agalnov and molnibalage for helping me out with solving a lot of issues!
*Update - 25.05.2015*

- Bandirma and Balikesir ABs are leveled and positioned properly. TuAF air forces are not stuck on the ground anymore.
- All squadrons are set by HQ now.
- Fixed coalitions color, Greece is blue and Turkey is red.
- Added HAF F-4s, F-16 CFT and TuAF F-5s squadrons in the campaign, with unrealisic order of battle, optimized for better campaign experience and balanced air war.
- Special thanks to agalnov and molnibalage for helping me out with solving a lot of issues!


A qué no sabéis quién es agalnov?!... 3BALLS!!! :D :thumbsu: :goodjob:



* Versión del teatro: 2.0
* Enlace al post original: http://falcon-online...c=605.0#msg6353
* Link de descarga de la versión 2.2.3 y el update 2.2.4: http://falcon-online...downloads;cat=4
* Notas: Este escenario permite el modo "Multiplayer" (MP) y "SinglePlayer" (SP), diferenciados como dos teatros "distintos". El primero es únicamente para participar en las campañas de "Falcon On Line". El segundo, no es que sólo pueda jugar uno, como su nombre parece indicar, sino que es la forma "tradicional" (en la que se puede jugar campaña sólo o con otros jugadores HACIENDO UNO DE ELLOS DE SERVER (en este caso no conectados al server de FalconOnLine).
* Instrucciones de Instalación: Instalar el teatro. En principio la versión "limpia" más baja es la 2.2.3. Hecho esto, aplicar el parche de upgrade a la 2.2.4.

* [UPDATE] Link descarga a la versión 2.2.5:;down=14


* Versión del teatro: 0.99
* Enlace al post original:
* Link de descarga: (Thanks Demo) || (Thanks Chipher) | ... IUDJm2OIvI
* Link del Update 0.991: Demo) ||
* Version 0.99 + 0.991 Patch (Ejectuar 0.991 después de instalar la versión 0.99):|


* Versión del teatro: 1.0, además de paquetes de mejoras adicionales (como el de texturas).
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...e-DOWNLOAD-AREA
* Link de descarga: (thanks AMVI) || (thanks e-HAF)
* HotFix 1.1: http://www.krauselab...kansHOTFIX1.rar (thanks Chris) || (thanks e-HAF)
* Texturas para Balkanes: Están en la versión "beta 2". Pronto la versión 3. En todo caso, pondremos en enlace cuando sean definitivas, pues este port son solamente para instalaciones "estables".
* Información adjunta interesante: Las cartas de navegación de Nikos para este teatro: http://www.benchmark...atre-IAP-charts
* Instrucciones de Instalación PARA EL TEATRO:


Installation instructions:

- Unzip and place “Add-On Balkans” into BMS's “Data” folder
- Add the following line to the bottom of the “theater.lst” file (located into: ...\Data\Terrdata\theaterdefinition)

Add-On Balkans\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\balkans.tdf

Known issues:

- "atcbrain.cpp" CTD occur especially at Grotaglie and Bindisi and mainly under UNDER SIEGE scenario
- No tower voices specific to the theater

Change log:

BMS Conv v1.0:

- Red Dog's Navigation volume updated
- MiG-21bis Lod updated
- MiG-21bis, MiG-29A/B, F-16blk40, Su-25 - Balkans dedicated skin added
- Weather.ini updated
- Stings.wch .idx reworked
- Some artwork refinements

Beta 8:

- BMS UI integration: Folder system change respect Korea one
- Dedicated database added (except for lod to save Mo!)
- Maps (including JSTAR etc PAK) refinement
- Fix for few A/C icons in “teplanes.lst” and DB
- Dedicated “mission.dat” added
- PPT.ini update: SAM rings are now the max actual lethal range (engaging zone) as it should be IRL. Not detection range
- WPT2 problem fixed (Aerial boundaries redefinition)
- Campaign summary description added/fixed
- OOB Flags and colours corrected
- Some artwork refinements
- Powder Keg: Minor modification (M2000 squadron added at Istrana)

Beta 7:
- Added missing files in /campaign/ folder

Beta 6:
- Added new Mission.dat file
- Updated lcktxtrc.irc file
- Updated Setup Files

Beta 5:
- Updated phonebook for multiplayer connections
- Updated lcktxtrc.irc file

Beta 4:
- Fixed the PAK Map
- Fixed the SETUP UI file, for the Dynamic Head Slider
- Fixed the WEATHER UI file, for deterministic wind
- Reset all allied squadrons to use NATO flag, for the moment
- Removed the old credits

* Instrucciones de Instalación PARA EL HOTFIX 1.1:


Installation instructions:

Unzip into …\Data\Add-On Balkans (Overwrite existing files)

Change log:

- Attempt to fix “atcbrain” CTD
- Weather.ini adjusted

Note: If you want to compare real life sunrise sunset, you must activate “set g_bLocalEnvironmentalDate” (This option is not shared my MP code!)
Remember it is not 100% accurate (should be around 30min precise) If not, sunrise occurs at 5:00 sunset at 18:45.

Many thank to Demer928 and all B testers.


* Versión del teatro: 4.0 (la primera de la RP6 que salió oficial).
* Enlace al post original: http://falcon-online...x.php?topic=9.0
* Link de descarga:
* Instrucciones de Instalación: Nada especial que recuerde. One click install. A la hora de hacerle un poco de setup, estas recomendaciones de A.S.


Highly recommend reading the content of your INSTALL in:

:\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Add-On REDFLAG\XTRAS

Use "Fall" Season (instead of Summer) and "Smart Scaling ON" for Redflag.

"Fall" is optional (personal preference) but i think it looks best with Redflag.
"Smart Scaling" instead is highly advised as all visibility fixes (GUs, Airframes, Objectives) are based on the usage of it.


* Versión del teatro:3.0
* Enlace al post original: http://www.benchmark...Texture-Balkans
* Link de descarga: http://www.eurovirtu... ... _setup.exe
* Instrucciones de Instalación:
One click Install


Change log: 12/10/2013

-fix tiles river,road path.
-Fix airbase elevation
-fix database dedicate
-fix campaign save 0 is ok.
-Fix moving troops.
-Fix tiles water , plains, area path.
-Fix alignment bridges

Added into:

city 3d by Nove.
texture dedicate for f16
texture Terrain hd512x512 complete fotorealistic 100%
tiles night 100% is done..
New road , New river.

Rudy -Fighting-Falcon





* Versión del teatro: Battle For Balkans 1.2.1
* Enlace al post original: http://falcon-online...hp?topic=1247.0
* Link de descarga: Link
* Link del parche para mejorar los FPS (Battle For Balkans 1.2.1 - FPS Fix): Link

* Instrucciones de Instalación: No proceden, es un One-Click Installer.



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Editado: Teatro BFB 1.2.1

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