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Como ya viene siendo costumbre últimamente, los desarrolladores del teatro de BALKANS van muy de la mano de BMS, tanto es así que paralelamente al lanzamiento de la primera actualización de BMS 4.34 también han sacado la versión 1 del teatro.


Así pues, ya disponemos de un nuevo BALKANS con bastantes cositas pulidas, y algunas nuevas que copio a continuación.



- Renamed rocket "S-5 FFAR" as "S-3K" with a new "S-3K" 3d model
- Su-7: fix gear wheel not turning 
- Added 2 new parents....4562 and 4563.  Taxi Sign 10L-28R and Taxi Sign 10R and 28L
- Re-centered parent 3164
- Reworked all F-16s 3d models to remove the limits on Dof59 and Dof60
- fixed incorrect texture match ups for F-16 updates
- Incorporating Brindisi Casale Airbase (part 1)

- Added aj37.dat and fck1c_afm.dat files to acdata
- Updated Balkans MAIP.pdf, Balkans Navaids list.pdf amd stations+ils.dat files to be more accurately modeled....from Nikos
- Database Vehicles: Fuel Rate inconsistencies fix for F-104 & AH-64s which were not matching UCD data
- Fixed all F-16 OFM files : CDSPDBFactor 0.031 => 0.034
- Adding grouping numbers to the taxi waypoint data
- Logbook rank icons corrected
- Adding Taxiway lettering for ATC directions to all airbases
- F-14 A/B/D :
  - fm Catapult values adjusted 
  - fm Launch Bar values added
- Mirage 2000 centerline rack adjusted
- Fixed RC-135W Main Role (ELINT instead of RECON) + vehicle name renamed from "Recon" to "SIGINT"
- BLU107 texture updated
- missing commit of the Su-7 updated textures
- New textures 4637 through 4640 added for taxi sign parents
- Corrected Sigonella taxi signs at end of runway
- Updated Galatina elevation from 170 ft to 160 ft
- Updated Balkans MAIP and Balkans Navaids list.pdf
- Updated Balkans Airbase.....Amendola, Aviano, Cervia, Gio Del Colle, Istrana, Lecce, Pescara, Rivolto and Sigonella airbase runway signs and placement
- Added another taxi branch to the southeast side of Pescara airbase
- Art for the error window for server protection
- Fixed lcktxtrc.irc file structure and typos
- Fix for "CAS" locks being inverted. Moved the locks in front of "CAS"
- UI Flight Planner Tab :
-- Minor cosmetic on locks position
-- Re-introduced Fluid Four formation
-- Suppression conflicting/unused lines
- Fixed F-18 E/F stores loadout
- CT 2428 -> Guepard, spelling mistake corrected (should be Gepard)
- UI: In SETUP/CONTROLLER menu, "Set AB" button replaced by "AB/Idle"
- Fixed the "Add Battalion" and "Add Task Force" UI windows : resorted the drop-down boxes "Equipment" and "Unit Type" alphabetically (without touching the teunits.lst or navalunits.lst files)
- Updated PPT.ini file to match KTO distances
- Updated Balkans stations+ils.dat file so that airbase name would be in comms
- Lowered the volume of the speedbrake wind sound when extended
- Updated F4Talk95v1-0-0.csv file for new sound updates
- Removed "CVN-65 Carrier Strike Group in ODS" and "CVN-70 Carrier Strike Group in ODS" entries from the tenavalunits.lst file
- Updated all KTO/Generic airbases in Balkans to have taxiway lettering calls from ground control
- Updated Amendola and Aviano point data to have taxiway lettering calls from ground control
- Updated Aviano taxi points.  Taxi points now branched so all HAS hangars are used and aircraft spawn in them
- Updated Cervia, Istrana, and Lecce point data to have taxiway lettering calls from ground control
- Updated Pescara Airbase so taxiway letters are called by ground when taxiing.
- Updated Rivolto point data to have taxiway lettering calls from ground control
- Updated Sigonella Left/Right Point Header Data
- Updated Gioia Del Colle point data to have taxiway lettering calls from ground control
- Add all the missing runway blah blah left/right sound frags (On Behalf of Homer)
- Updated Balkans realistic airbases with more taxiway signs
- Removed some Taxi points on Sigonella
- Fixed the Skyguard air Defense unit's bubble value to match the "Low Air/air" range stat values
- Fixed KSAM Air Defense :
-- added missing "Air" value for the "Crotale VT1" missile
-- unit's bubble value adjusted to match the "Low Air/air" range stat values
- Fixed Amendola, Rivolto, Pescare and Airbase 01_19 15_33 radar feature in objective
- Updated Gioia Del Colle surrounding terrain tiles.  In real life, GDC is not in a mountain range.  Moved the mountain range tiles around and put a more farm land look around Gioia Del Colle
- Fixed typos in bmsrack.dat file (-> wrong drag factor for AIM-7M carry under some F-16 left wing)
- Added warning message in the rack.dat (not used anymore}
- Fixed CH-53 not available in TE (but still using the UH-60 3d model atm) and fixed wrong specific value
- Fixed the F-16 BLK50 "Engine Fire" value that was set to 100º below the correct value.
- Fixed EA-18G RAAF RCS value
- Renamed EA-6B radar to AN/APQ-129 + fixed radar range value
- Fixed Mirage 2000D/N RWR range value
- Updated all F-16 gear model (ofm and afm files) to match reworked LODs with corrected Switches and DOFS
- Sync some Acdata files to match the trunk branch's ones (minor change like name, time, missing "generic" lines, etc)
- Fix for strategic bombers with no "Strike" role scores required to trigger "Strat Bomb" tasks as "diverted mission"
- Fixed inconsistencies in the vehicle files :
 -- removed the second sensor not used (-> Radar 0)
 -- set the correct radar sensor for the air defense vehicles
- Fixed Air Defense units inconsistencies (Role Score, Move type/Speed)
- Hawk radar SAM system DB and Radar.dat updated (AN/MPQ46)
- Added missing veh files + CT adjusted accordingly
- fixed ZSU-23-4 battalion (Foot elements removed from a mechanized battalion) + fixed some typos
- Fixed carrier's catapult #3 that was not working
- Fix Turbulence page to match updated Turbulence code
- Fixed star map (was using hour angles instead of radians). Stars are now moving correctly with the center being Sirius (polar start) and you can recognize the constellations
- Fix Buffeting AOA max values
- Cleaning of some CL values at 90 deg AOA 
- Nose gear elasticity adjusted
- Fixed typos and inconsistencies in bmsrack.dat file
- Incorporating Brindisi Casale Airbase (part 1)
- Populated Casale Airbase
- Started adding point data to Casale Airbase (needs tweaking)
- Updated campaign and TE files.  Set objectives in correct places
- Updated theater files in campaign folder
- Added Rijeka to stations+ils.dat
- Added Taxi Sign 31-13 and 13-31 for end of runway
- Updated parents for Casale Airbase
- Updated Dubrovnik tiles with realistic ones
- Updated Brindisi RWY 05/23 taxi, parking, runway point data and branch data
- Fixed a z-buffering issue on Casale taxiway
- Improvements to "Vector to Radar Approach" soundfrags
- Updated Rijeka and Aviano tiles
- Created new airbase Rijeka AB.
- Added Rijeka freq in station+ILS file
- Updated Tiles of City Dubrovnik
- Updated elevation around Dubrovnik
- Updated names of many factories, army base and so on , according real names 
- Everything saved in TE, SAVEXX.CAM
- Updated Casale point data.  Everything should be playable now. Might be some minor tweaks that need to be made
- Updated Pescare and Gioia Del Colle tiles
- Adjusted positions of Pescara City and Pescara Port in the te and cam files
- Fixed GBU-36 and GBU-37 weapon guidance type
- Changed Brindisi Port CT to the correct one in the te and cam files
- Built Pescara Port
- Reset Campaign and TE files
 -- Reset Objectives
 -- Reset Parents
 -- Reset Objectives Flags
 -- Clean Objectives Flags
 -- All Radar Obj Emitting
 -- Check Objective Links
 -- Re-calculate Cost
 -- Calculate Radars
- Changed all Balkans Sceneries (Amendola, Aviano, Cervia, Gioia Del Colle, Lecce, Istrana, Pescara, Rivolto, anad Sigonella) from Depot types to Intersects
- Updated Aviano taxi data on the 23 side of the runway.
- More tweaks to Aviano Airbase point data
- Updated tiles:  Pescara Airbase, Istrana Airbase, Rivolto Airbase
- Updated Reggio Calabria tiles to fit Wonsan style airbase
- Changed Reggio Calabria airbase to be Wonsan style airbase instead of Kimpo style
- Updated areas on Reggio Calabria tiles so trees were not all over the airbase
- Added objects Herceg Novi EWR, Split EWR, Tuzla EWR
- Added photo real tiles for EWR sites ( Tuzla, Split, Pljesivica, Mostar, Osijek, Herceg Novi, Brindisi)
- Added Radar tiles to terrain
- Updated names of factories as per real life (not all)
- Updated Grobnik airbase to an airstrip

Como es de recibo, lo primero, hacer alusión a la fuente de la información (aunque siempre se al misma): => https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?35535-Balkans-Theater-for-Falcon-BMS-4-34


A continuación, se facilita el enlace de descarga directamente: CLICK AQUI


Una última cosa, se debe desisntalar previamente el anterior teatro haciendo uso del desinstalador que trae y que se encuentra dentro de la carpeta del teatro: "Add-On Balkans". Se llama Balkans Theater Uninstaller.exe


Un saludo a todos! Disfrutemos de este nuevo teatro, muy muy potente

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