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1st VFW Operation Desert Paladin

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Hello Gentlemen


I'm Fisgas and i'm with the 1st Virtual Fighter Wing.


We've been hosting a campaign on Wednesday evenings at 2000 CET. It's called Operation Desert Paladin, it takes place in the ITO theather and the scenario is a conflict between Egypt and Israel with NATO backing. Human pilots operate out of Akrotiri in Cyprus. 


A few months ago we started having guest pilots from other BMS units join us. I would now like to invite your unit as well. You can have a look at the briefing here:




If you are interested in participating feel free to PM me on the 1st VFW forum. There are a few particularities on how we conduct our flights and a few SOPs that we ask guest pilots to follow. I'm also available to adapt the available squadrons to any aircraft type that you would like to fly on.


Thank you for your time


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Hi Fisgas,


Thanks you for the invitation, personal Staff of the Falcon Wing will contact to you to get more details, meanwhile, I inform you and remind to all E111 pilots, that no all pilots are allowed to participate in cooperative or Vs missions out of the Escuadron111, of course, they can go to your server an alone wolf, but not as E111 member.


We do this to get the cadet motivated to finish the flight school and present to other vSquadrons, pilots that know what are the common problems in online sessions to avoid undesired CTDs, and well formed pilot who knows what a F16 can do.


Thanks for the contact ;)

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Thanks a lot Fisgas, it will be a pleasure to join your events, this week it is not easy to find pilot here in my squadron, Easter week normally we have vacation period, but we will arrange something in the next future.

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