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AMVI invitation Balkans U2

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We would like you to participate at the first mix of our Online Campaign 2016-2017, with External Groups, which will be carried out on the date in subject.
Falcon BMS 4.33.U2 and Balkans Theater 4.33.2 in use.
Human ATC, AWACS and JTAC will support the action.
We are looking for pilots performing:
 * A-A (SWEEP, TARCAP) and SEAD for the BLUE Team, and
 * A-A (DCA) for the RED Team.
In order to minimize and avoid mismatches, you are kindly invited to join our TS on Monday or Thursday and verify your connection to our server.
We hope to meet you and we'll be pleased to fly with you.
More informations will be posted ASAP at AMVI forum "External Groups" and at Benckmarksim forum "Base Operations".
Kind regards
Roberto "Hawk" Corradini
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