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  1. Hola, subo un video de algunas "misiones" con vosotros de hace tiempo bastante gracioso https://youtu.be/ZYUPrhSuMtc Un Abrazo a todos!
  2. Hola GSG9! Propuse en su dia hablar entre todos sobre el tema de las COMMS. Al final no hemos concretado cuando pero me da la sensacion es algo que se debe tratar por lo menos para que los Cadetes puedan Avanzar y aportar en lo posible. Si os parece bien la proxima semana, quiza el Lunes antes de volar podriamos aclarar dudas al respecto. Un Saludo.
  3. Gracias konradson! Yo te hago el video que tu quieras pero si tu primero vuelas con nosotros algun dia Enviado desde mi SM-T560 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Uno sin Musica y con COMMS https://youtu.be/IkI_1vWoSR8 Un Saludo
  5. Vuelo en Formación * Azorero - Djzoom - luichek https://youtu.be/Ja33noStDE4 Un Saludo
  6. luichek IN ! Enviado desde mi SM-T560 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Mision interesante donde hemos despegado sin ruta. En vuelo Intel nos ha pasado Coordenadas del objetivo. Misión Success! Kar0nte repostando Turno de Azorero
  8. luichek


    As I make the radio call, I nudge my throttle back and watch the refueling boom drift past my canopy. My airspeed is 310 knots, and I'm level at 21,000 feet, slightly below the tail section of a KC-135 Stratotanker. My F-16 is the last of four to refuel in the cloudless sky. Once I clear the tanker I make a gradual descent, float to the right of my element lead, Fuujin 23, and close my air-refueling door. The boom operator retracts the refueling boom, and the tanker begins a lumbering turn to the north... It's a clear July day. The visibility is well over fifty miles. The sun bakes the desert floor below us in triple-digit temperatures. But, for the moment, I'm comfortable in my air-conditioned cockpit. That will all change soon, though. Our four-ship box formation is less than ten minutes from the forward edge of the battle area, what tacticians refer to as the FEBA... We accelerate to 400 knots at an altitude of 20,000 feet. "Fuujin 21: Go victor 11, fence in!" "Two!""Three!""Four!" I switch my VHF radio to channel 11 and make one last check of my systems as we prepare to cross the "fence" into enemy territory. I set the range of my radar to forty-mile scope with a search altitude of 20,000 feet and above. I arm my chaff and flare systems, activate my electronic countermeasures pod, adjust the volume on my radar threat warning receiver, and make one last check of my fuel quantity. With these checks complete, I continue to scan the skies for enemy fighters... Vipers in the Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot by Keith Rosenkranz
  9. luichek


    Seria posible poner una hora "decente" para volar por lo menos las misiones de los Lunes???. Por ejemplo, empezar Briefing a las 22:00, en cabina a las 22:30 maximo, sino se hace muy tarde y no hacemos el Debriefing que es en definitiva lo que mas te hace crecer.
  10. luichek


    ...there was an elite group of aviators called the Wild Weasels who truly earned the title. These men weren't watchin on a screen thousands of miles from danger. They were right there, firing their cannons and dropping bombs; hunting and killing the most lethal anti-aircraft systems created by man. They knew that real combat is not pushing a button from the safety of an air-conditioned bunker or a trailer. It takes a unique, intelligent, and very dangerous man to duel with missiles and to knife-fight with anti-aircraft guns. With unproven tactics, experimental equipment, and sheer guts these first Hunter Killers never hesitated. They attacked threats hundreds of miles behind enemy lines and too often they never came back. Sometimes they simply disappeared, leaving friends and family waiting for answers that never came. "FIRST IN, LAST OUT" The Hunter Killers: The Extraordinary Story of the First Wild Weasels... by Dan Hampton
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